Infographic about oral health

Technology for Teeth

“The future of dentistry looks very different from today: no drills, no injections, and a greater emphasis on prevention that translates into fewer cavities and less periodontal disease, easier access, and shorter treatment time.” No truer words spoken by Sharon Guynup of the upcoming decade in dentistry. Over 47% of Americans suffer from Periodontal disease and almost 100% of adults have or had a cavity in their lifetime, and we want to find a way to help! With the help of technologies such as the intra-oral cameras and iTero scanner (both of which we have at Dr. Waite & Associates), we are making progress as shown from the estimated 60% of Americans with Periodontal Disease in the 2000’s.

There are many concerns when visiting the dentist. 59% of people are concerned about cost, 19% have trouble fitting it into their busy schedules, and 22% of people are just afraid to visit due to previous experiences or pain anticipation. Well, get excited for the future everyone, because everything is becoming quicker and easier! Just in our office, intra-oral photos are helping us catch the smaller things that before couldn’t be seen well with the naked eye, and the iTero scanner is pushing that nasty tasting, gooey, gagging impression material to the side! Who knows, maybe those eye watering (and unfortunately necessary for diagnosis) x-rays will be no longer within the next decade!

We strive to attain the best of the best technology in the field to help you feel the most comfortable and at ease in our dental chair and we’re constantly looking for the next best thing! We also believe that the best dentistry is the least dentistry and want to work with you from the preventative side instead of the restorative. We’d rather see you two times a year for dental cleanings and fluoride treatments instead of once every couple of years when you’re in pain. So remember to schedule those consistent 6 month cleanings, use fluoride, keep consistent with homecare, and we will provide you with the easiest and carefree visit when you come in to see us.